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Fire Alarm Systems in Guildford

Here at Elite Fire, we offer a vast selection of fire protection services, catering for domestic and commercial properties throughout Guildford.

Amongst our extensive product catalogue are our monitored fire alarms. Utilising innovative redcare technology, our monitored fire alarms detect fires similarly to our unmonitored products, but additionally send out a signal via 3g/4g phone network to a dedicated receiving centre. Here, the signal is picked up, and notification of the triggered alarm is relayed immediately to the emergency services. This fire alarm monitoring service is active 24/7, meaning your property is never without sufficient protection.

Fire Risk Assessment

Fire risk assessments are vital for ensuring your premises is compliant with current fire safety legislation. Our experts have decades of experience in the industry and are fully versed on providing comprehensive fire risk assessments for properties of all types, ensuring that every type of fire hazard is accounted for. Once assessed, we use our expertise to curate a list of fire safety products and services that will best suit the needs of your premises. This includes the use of passive fire protection, fire stopping and fire safety doors.

Fire Extinguishers

Here at Elite Fire, we offer a comprehensive selection of fire extinguishers and provide expert advice and recommendations on the best way to position them throughout your property. Many people are unaware that specific types of fire extinguishers need to be used on specific types of fires, so we’ll provide training and advice to ensure that danger is mitigated and you are fully prepared to tackle a blaze with the correct equipment when needed.

About Elite Fire

Elite Fire protection are dedicated to ensuring the Guildford area is kept safe from fire. We offer a huge selection of products and services, along with expert advice and recommendations, to ensure the very highest standards of fire safety are implemented throughout every local property. Irrespective of the size, scale or fire safety needs, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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Monitored Fire Alarms

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