2016: Year In Review

It’s been a busy 2016 here at Elite Fire, with our team continuing to provide first-rate fire safety equipment, training and services to businesses across London and the Home Counties. However, we nonetheless found the time to share information and updates from the wider world of fire safety, and can now reflect on some of the pieces we put together.

The Ultimate Fire Drill Guide 

The ultimate guide to help businesses that are required to carry out fire drills by law. Detailing everything from assembly points to hazard identification, the guide features a handy checklist and specific information for particular sectors, such as educational and nursing home facilities. The guide is laid out in an easy-to-use format, and there’s even a fire drills quiz to test your knowledge!

Guide to Keeping a Fire Safety Log Book

Accurate records pertaining to fire safety practices, from drills to risk assessments, are important when it comes to staying in compliance with the law. Our guide to keeping a fire safety log book helps those ‘responsible persons’ tasked with fire safety on a premises, providing a handy pdf download that details everything from equipment checks to fire drill procedures and more.

Fire Safety for Students in Rented Accommodation

Student accommodation sees a higher incidence rate than other residential properties when it comes to fire, with a combination of “high spirits” and increased irresponsibility leading to accidents.

Our Fire Safety for Students in Rented Accommodation guide aims to provide some basic and easy-to-remember rules when it comes to avoiding fires that can be followed without impacting on the fun at all, including common causes and who is responsible for various aspects of the property’s fire safety.

Benefits of RedCARE Alarm Signalling

When you are responsible for the fire safety of a property that is not always occupied, such as a business that is closed and unmonitored outside of working hours, it is important that you have measures in place to notify the keyholder (and emergency services) in the event of a fire.

That’s exactly what RedCARE does, sending a signal to an ARC via either analogue or digital means which raises the alarm in a fire or break-in situation. This and many more benefits are discussed in the article, along with details of how Elite Fire, as qualified RedCARE installers, can help to protect your premises out of hours.

The whole team at Elite Fire Protection Ltd would like to wish everyone a fun and safe holiday season and new year.

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