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The Benefits of RedCARE Alarm Signalling

benefits of red care alarm signalling

While all commercial properties are legally required to have facilities in place to warn inhabitants should a fire break out, considerations aren’t always made for reacting to such an emergency outside of working hours.

During this time, offices, retail environments, warehouses and other commercial buildings are vulnerable to the risks of not being able to stop a fire before it spreads, with no one present to react to a sounding alarm.

That’s where RedCARE’s alarm monitoring system comes in.

What is RedCARE?

BT’s RedCARE network provides businesses with a safety net when it comes to fire and intruder security. Put simply, the system directs a signal to an offsite Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) should an alarm be triggered, allowing alarm company engineers and keyholders to be alerted and determine whether further action needs to be taken.

The signal is sent to the ARC either via an analogue or digital phone line, resulting in a highly secure system.

What are the Benefits of RedCARE?

Peace of Mind – Round-the-clock fire safety.

The first, and most obvious, benefit to using the RedCARE system is the peace of mind it offers as security against unmonitored fires. Leaving your business at the end of the working day, you can be confident that, should the unthinkable happen and blaze breaks out, you will be alerted immediately and have the opportunity to contact emergency services.

Secure System – Low risk, optimum performance guaranteed.

Due to the nature of RedCARE’s phone line setup, there is no risk of failure. With no call charges and the ability to transmit a signal even if the line is in use, RedCARE also encrypts its signals to ensure it can’t be compromised or substituted for alternative technology. Operating continuously, 24 hours a day, the RedCARE system is constantly monitoring the property, whether occupied or not. For extra security, the network is duplicated to guarantee the signal is received by the ARC.

Ease of Installation – Low-cost fitting using existing phone lines.

RedCARE utilises existing telephone lines, so there is no need for an invasive and disruptive installation process, or for the fitting of a new line and the costs this might incur. The network does not monopolise this line, so incoming and outgoing calls can be made simultaneously to running the RedCARE system. The RedCARE Secure system does not even require the existing phone line to be a BT one, offering flexibility and convenience to many businesses.

Convenience – Remote monitoring to reduce unnecessary call-outs.

If it is clear that an alarm has been activated accidentally, the ARC is able to reset the system remotely, providing maximum convenience and eradicating the need for a keyholder or the emergency services to visit the property in person. Each and every triggering of an alarm is logged securely by the RedCARE computers, allowing for assessment of regular faults or patterns that might suggest a defect in the alarm setup.

As qualified installers of all RedCARE systems, contact Elite Fire today for further information as to how this industry leading product can benefit your business.