Carbon Monoxide Alarm Replacement – Do’s and Don’t’s

The dangers of carbon monoxide are now, thankfully, widely known, but a lot of people are still left asking themselves “where is the best place to fit my carbon monoxide alarm?”. With this in mind, here is a quick guide to the process and the positioning of a carbon monoxide alarm.


Where to place a carbon monoxide alarm

Step 1 – You are most vulnerable while sleeping, so place the detector nearby to sleeping areas

Step 2 – When there are multiple bedrooms, you might also consider placing a detector close to potential sources of carbon monoxide

Step 3 – Install the detector within 1 to 3 metres of potential sources horizontally

Step 4 – Ensure the detector is placed no closer than 150mm to your ceiling

Step 5 – If a detector is placed on the ceiling, it should not be any closer than 300mm to a wall or light fixture

carbon monoxide alarm


Carbon monoxide detector do’s and don’t’s

Here are some tips for what you should do when it comes to installing carbon monoxide detectors.

DO install carbon monoxide detectors on all floors of your property

DO install detectors roughly five feet off the floor for the best results

DO follow manufacturer recommendations

DO place a detector near an attached garage where a vehicle is kept

DO place detectors close to sleeping areas


And here is what we suggest you don’t do:

DON’T place detectors too close to any appliances which burn fuel

DON’T install a detector in a humid room like a bathroom

DON’T install detectors near ventilated areas or fans

DON’T install detectors in a place where they will constantly be in direct sunlight

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