Fire Alarms FAQs

There is plenty to understand when it comes to fire alarms, and while you might not be expected to know absolutely everything, we’ve got the answers to some of the more commonly asked questions to help you keep on top of maintaining your system.

What is British Standard 5839?

British Standard 5839 – or BS-5839 is a code of practice in regards to the way fire detection and fire alarm systems are designed, installed and maintained in non-domestic premises. The code is produced by the British Standards Institute and is part of English law.

How long do the back-up batteries last for the Fire Alarm panel?

You can expect to get around 4 to 5 years of charge before needing to replace the batteries in a fire alarm panel, depending on the location and ambient temperature of the system.

What sort of organisation or business needs a fire alarm service contract?

There are no exceptions. All businesses, organisations and companies require a fire alarm service contract where a fire alarm is present.

Why do I need a minimum of 2 visits per year?

Two scheduled visits per year is the minimum standard set out by the BS-5839 to test a fire alarm system in full.

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