Fire Safety Video for Kids

In this charming story of unlikely friends – Edgar The Dragon and Rosie – kids get to learn about what to do if they see a fire at home and how to exit the house safely.



Why is it important to teach your kids about fire safety?

Fire safety for kids is more important the more independent they become. The story of Edgar and Rosie is suitable for children approximately 7-10 years of age, giving them key guidance through the magic of story as they begin to think more for themselves.

If a fire broke out in your home and you were outside in the garden or talking to a neighbour, would your children know the basics of fire safety to save their own lives? All of this is covered in our brightly illustrated story.

Available as a video, but also as a downloadable storybook, there’s never been a better way to start a conversation with your children about fire safety in the home. Fire can be scary, but talking to your kids is the best way to help them learn how to handle these testing situations.

Be sure to discuss with your children the best escape routes from your home and why it is important to keep them clear – one more reason to keep those bedrooms tidy!

Download The Edgar and Rosie’s Storybook

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