Pressure testing your riser system – whether it’s a wet or dry system – on a regular basis is vitally important to ensure it will work in an emergency. This will help to indicate any leaks or potential faults in your system, allowing you to remedy the situation.

With wet and dry riser testing from Elite Fire, we ensure that each inlet box and outlet box is free from damage and in working condition. All pipes and cabinets are tested in your automatic or non-automatic system, providing you with peace of mind while keeping you compliant with British Standards (BS 9990: 2015).

Our engineers have years of experience in dealing with the testing of riser systems in buildings of all sizes, with all the requisite paperwork filled out for your records.

To book testing for your dry riser or wet riser system, or for more details about this service, contact our professional team today.

man testing dry riser Dry riser testing

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